Welcome to the USASA Online Book Store

Welcome to the USASA online book store. You can use this site to browse or purchase the books you need. If you would like to sell your books, please visit the location nearest you.

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We offer:
• Fast turnaround on sales
• The best reimbursement deal for sales
• Convenience - inter-campus transfers available!
• Buy online or in-store on campus
• Guaranteed high quality books

If you would like to sell your books, please visit the location nearest you. Books can be brought in for re-sale during opening hours (10am to 4pm).

Selling Books
We accept books on a consignment basis. This means that you will be reimbursed if/when your books sell. Students who surrender books for sale will be asked to provide a range of details including payment preference and banking information. All information provided will be protected under strict privacy guidelines. It is the responsibility of the book owner to ensure that their details are up to date. If you wish to drop your books off to sell, please fill out this form and bring it in with your books to save time.

Books are sold at 60% of the Recommended Retail Price (RRP). USASA retain a 15% commission plus GST on books sold to cover the costs of processing and administration.

How is this worked out?
For example if the recommended retail price of your book is $100.
We will sell it for $60 (60% of RRP).
USASA's Administration fee is $9.90 (15% of sale price plus 10% GST on commission).
You receive $50.10

The bookshop is not just for Students at Uni SA. Staff and non-students are welcome to buy and sell books from the second-hand bookshop.

Online Sales
You can choose whether to pay online or have the book held for payment in person at a USASA counter. Books can be collected at USASA Counters between the hours of 10:00am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday. Delivery is available at a $15 charge.

Books bought by students from regional campuses will be transferred to their home campus via the internal mail system. Regional students should ensure they nominate the transfer option when buying books.

Unsold Books
We are unable to guarantee that books will sell and the likelihood depends on the individual books that you hand in. Out of date and older edition titles are less likely to sell. Noncurrent issue books are NOT accepted. First semester books are unlikely to sell in second semester and vice versa.
Books handed into USASA for sale remain on our catalogue until they are sold or for a period of twelve months. We are unable to hold unsold books after this time due to limited shelf space. Upon notification from USASA Unsold books must be collected within 10 working days. If books are not collected within 10 days from email notification the seller forfeits ownership of the book/s without compensation.

Enquiries: usasa.enquiries@unisa.edu.au

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